HLQC Heat Transfer Oil Additive Package

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Product Introduction

The product is formulated by heat stabilizer, high temperature anti-oxidant, detergent 

dispersing agent, anti-rust agent and other functional additives.

 For example, 0.7-1.0% complexing agent may be added into the proper base oil to 

prepare heat transfer fluid conforming to ISOLQC Standard.


ISOLQC heat transfer fluid is used in the forcible closed cycle system with the general 

oil temperature not exceeding 320 and the heat source contact surface not higher 

than 360 interface temperature.


The product quality enjoys the same level as Mobil therm600Mobil therm605 from Mobil company

 and  Esso therm 500 mineral oil type heat transfer fluid from Esso in the US. 

Recommended dosage: 320℃  0.7-1.0%

Main properties

1.Sound oil solubility: when mixed with refined mineral oils and synthetic oils, it is of excellent intermiscibility and the prepared heat transfer fluid is homogeneous without     different layers and sedimentations. 
2.Excellent thermal stability:
 the prepared heat transfer fluid could be used for a long time at specified working temperature  range without decomposition and coking.
3.Terrific anti-corrosion property: as the product blended with the complex agent is identified as qualified after the  corrosive test, so no anti-corrosive measures

   need be adopted. 
4.Good heat conductivity and high heat efficiency: Products blended with proper base oils are in the international level of the same products.
5.No influence on the flash point and autoignition point of blended products.
 The product has no toxic side effect. 

Product Parameter 


Quality Index

Test Method


Brown colorless liquid

Visual Inspection

Flash Point (open)



Copper corrosion 

(100   3h)



Moisture content %



Ash content %



Thermal stability



Packing and Storage

Packaging: Net weight: 180kg/drum.

This product is not flammable, explosive and non-dangerous, easy metamorphic water .

It should be waterproof, sealed and store in a cool and dry place.