T321 Sulfurized Isobutylene

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T321  EP/AW additive,  Sulfurized Isobutylene

Product name: Sulfurized Isobutylene ;T321  EP/AW additive

CAS NO. 68511-50-2

Product Introduction

T321 is orange to amber colored transparent oily liquid with high sulfur content. It possesses good oil solubility, excellent extreme pressure performance and thermal stability with little corrosion to nonferrous metals. 



T321 is the chemical component  in a variety of formulations with other chemicals constituents such as sulfur, phosphorus and nitrogen compound to prepare the gear oil, metal working oil, anti-wear hydraulic oil and grease of different specifications, it is the main agent for sulfur-phosphorous type gear oil.


Recommended Dosage

 1.5% ~5.0%.


Product Parameter


Quality Index

Test method

Density (20)



Viscosity (100),mm2/s



Flash point (open)

≥ 100

  GB/T 3536

Cupper Corrosion


  GB/T 5096

Sulfur content, m%


  SH/T 0303

Chlorine content m%

≤ 0.5

  SH/T 0161

Moisture content, %m/m

≤ 0.03

 GB/T 260

Mechanical impurities %m/m

≤ 0.05

 GB/T 511


Packing & Delivery

It is packed in 200kg/metal drums.


It should follow SH/T0164 during packing, marking, transportation, storage and acceptance of delivery. Stored in a dry, clean and ventilated warehouse.

For the details of health and safety precautions, please see the related Material Safety Data Sheet.