H6030 Ashless Air Compressor Oil Additive Package

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Product Introduction

Compressor is a kind of machine used to compress gas and increase pressure

 or transmission of gas; due to different air displacement, pressure and 

compression media, it can be divided into two categories according to 

structure of the compressor: positive displacement type and speed type. 


Therefore, there are different requirements on compressor oil, our H6030

 compressor oil compound does not contain metal salt additive which is

 ashless-type, and the liquid condition allows for very convenient use;

 it also applies to preparation of rotary compressor. 


Refined oil product has excellent oxidation resistance, small carbon deposition tendency, good anti-rust properties, water separation performance and good anti-wear effect. 


Usually, compressor oil with viscosity grade of N32, N46, N68 etc. can be prepared by adding 1.3-1.5% dosage, and the oil quality meets the requirements of GB5940-86 standard indicators.




Additive dosage%




Product Property

This product is prepared by many kinds of component additives such as antioxidants, rust inhibitors, anti-wear agent etc., giving full play to the synergistic effect among additives so as to achieve the optimum combination. 

The product is free from any metal salt additives, classified as ash-less formulation, the liquid condition allows for easy use.

 Usually with an addition of 0.5-1.0%, DAG, DAH-level compressor oil can be prepared. It owns excellent anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion property and anti-wear property.

Product Parameter


Typical data

Quality index

Test method


Brown colorless liquid

Brown colorless liquid


Kinematic viscosity 100mm2/s



GB/T 265

Flash point (opening)



GB/T 3536




GB/T 1884

Nitrogen content,%



SH/T 0224

Packing and Storage

Net weight: 200kg/ iron drum. Prevent from strong oxidant. Follow SH/T0164 during packing mark, transportation, storage and acceptance of delivery. The maximum temperature should not exceed 60 for the storage, handling and oil preparation, the maximum temperature should not exceed 45 during long-term storage. This product is not flammable, non explosive and non corrosive. No special preventative measure is required during use, but general preventive measures in handling of chemicals shall be followed. If the oil splashes onto skin, detergent, soap and water can be used to wash it away thoroughly.