H4306 Worm Gear Oil Additive Package

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Product Introduction

The product is a newly-developed, and it is blended from a variety of additives such as  

EP anti-wear additive, oiliness additive, anti-rust additive and efficient anti-oxidant, etc.

The blended worm gear oil holds good performance such as EP anti-wear,

anti-oxidant, and anti-rust, etc.


Evenly mix the base oil of different viscosity under 60-70

 ---add dosage 1.5-1.6% to blend L-CKE worm gear oil, 

--- or add dosage 1.6-1.8% to blend L-CKE/P worm gear oil. 

      Need add anti-foam agent separately

Recommended Dosage %

Target Product


L-CKE worm gear oil


L-CKE/P worm gear oil

Product Parameter


Quality Index

Test Method



GB/T 1884

Flash pointopening

≥ 100

GB/T 3536

Kinematic viscosity40),mm2/s


GB/T 265

Phosphor Content m%

≥ 1.5

SH/T 0296

Sulfur Content  m%

≥ 25

SH/T 0303


Packing and Storage

Packaging: Net weight: 200kg/ galvanized drum.

Prevent from strong oxidant. The maximum temperature should not exceed 70 for the storage, handling of the product and preparation of oil; for long-term storage, the maximum temperature should not exceed 50 This product is not flammable, non explosive and non corrosive. No special preventative measure is required during use, but general preventive measures in handling of chemicals shall be followed. If the oil splashes onto skin, detergent, soap and water can be used to wash it away thoroughly.