T304 Dibutyl Phosphite

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T304  EP/AW Additive, Dibutyl Phosphite, DBHP    CAS NO:1809-19-4

Product Introduction

Oily liquid in blank or light yellow, density of 0.998, boiling point at 95, refraction of N251.4228, flash point at120F, organic solvent-miscible, water-immiscible



1.This product is the best selection of EP anti-wear additive for lubricant, with high index of anti-wear additives and  good compatibility that can match with industrial gear oilcutting oil and other oil in low, middle grade or high grade. 

2.With recommended dosage 0.3%-1%, this product mixed with other additives can be modulated into oil compound additives.

3.As the major organic industrial chemicals, it can be applied as fire retardant, petrol additive, anti-oxidants, solvent and  organic synthesis intermediates.


Product Parameter


Quality Index

Test Method


Oily liquid in blank or light yellow

Eye measurement

Phosphor content P%



Acid value mgKOH/g



Copper Corrosion

(100, 3h)




Storage and Delivery

1.The product is packed in 20kg or 200kg per plastic drum.

2.Avoid water, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-dangerous, it should be stored water-proof  and in a cool, dry place.

3. It should refer to SH/T0164 during the storage, loading and unloading and blending.